Puff Puff Chase was created by me,  Benjamin Hernandez, and now features writings from several other vapers around the US. This is a vape blog dedicated to providing real reviews and information on electronic cigarettes and cloud chasing.

As a former smoker, I have seen the positive effects of vaping in my life. Using a vaporizer has changed my personal relationship with smoking. I no longer need to smoke at the same time everyday outside, instead I can give my piece a quick puff inside without continuing the same habit that I had as a smoker. Quitting cigarettes has been made possible by using a vaporizer and controlling how much nicotine I consume with ease.

One of the best things about vaping is the freedom to choose your strength of nicotine. If you’re looking to butt out for good, you can still get your nicotine fix while slowly decreasing the amount in your juice.