DripStar Vape Juice Review

One of the things I love about vaping is the variety of flavors available. There’s always some new flavor to try out if I’m feeling adventurous or just want to taste something different.

Vaping is a growing hobby and that means there’s a lot of different juices out there to try. After reading a few reviews, I decided to try some e-liquids from DripStar. At the very least their marketing is interesting but are they any good?

Here’s my opinion on the three flavors I tried: Buddha Spit, Bad Hare Day and Politically Correct.

Buddha Spit

Advertised as a blend of cream and fruit flavors. The flavor (fittingly enough) is really mellow and relaxing, and in no way harsh or strong. The fruit blend taste is a nice blend of orange and mango flavors topped off with a creamy vanilla taste as you exhale.

I like sweets and fruit flavors so I loved this. I will say the fruit flavor is kind of mild but it fits the theme of the flavor. If you’re looking for a vape with a lot of ‘punch’ this isn’t it. Overall, I rate it it a 5 out of 5.

Bad Hare Day

The packaging described this flavor as a vanilla custard. After vaping I can say they weren’t lying. There is a definite blend of strong smooth vanilla flavor.

The aftertaste is very creamy and reminds me of expensive coffee drinks. If you like strong vanilla flavors, I recommend it and score it 4 out of 5.

Politically Correct

Switching from cigarettes, I miss the cool taste of menthol flavors. Luckily this flavor was here to help. It’s a blending of the taste of menthol with a sweet watermelon flavor.

Being Southern, I know a good watermelon when I taste it ,and this flavor was pretty exact and blended well with the menthol. Neither flavor was too strong or overpowering and they blended well. Very refreshing. I score it 4.5 out of 5.


After giving DripStar a chance I have to say their products are pretty good. The flavors I tried I liked a good deal. They were all worth the money and I’d consider buying from them in the future. If I have to pick a favorite based on personal taste, Buddha Spit wins, but all are certainly good juices.

Sigelei Fuchai 213W TC MOD Review

One of the newer box mods on the scene is the Sigelei Fuchai 213W TC. This new box mod is much different than the Sigeleis we’ve seen in the past. This one has a new design and more power along with temperature control (but that is industry-regulated now, so all mods will have it).

Price Point

The Sigelei is actually one of the more expensive on the market. Prices range from around $90 all the way up to around $120. The price is based on Sigelei’s past performance; they do have a reputation for quality and are banking on that. I know that some markets are offering bundles, so you may get more for that higher price.


Sigelei’s box mods used to be huge and bulky, but the new 213W is just 5.5 cubic inches. It’s a rounded rectangle of a box with slightly bulging sides; fits easily in the hand.

This new mod has a light aluminum frame covered in gun metal gray zinc alloy and black carbon fiber. You can purchase it in this gray and black, or go for the gold (there’s a gold zinc alloy option). It may not be ‘gorgeous’ but it does look and feel durable.

The Sigelei may be compact, but it weighs almost 8 ounces with the batteries. This is a typical weight for this type of mod.

As for the display, you can find it and the adjustment buttons right on the front with the firing button and USB port on the end. The display screen is very bright and very clear, with white characters on a black background (making it easy to read). The display will tell you the battery charge and amperage and there’s a graphic to represent your remaining battery strength.

The Chip

The chip in the Sigelei 213W offers temperature control settings for all major wire types, along with five user-adjustable TCR and TFR values. The Sigelei 213 even implements a ‘Preheat’ option which allows you to program for different power settings at chosen increments of time. This helps remove the uncertainty factor.

Their chip also allows you to read or display the atomizer resistance and lock the resistance in order to ensure accuracy in TC mode. And let’s say you actually mess with the chip and screw up the settings; you can actually restore it to default factory settings.

Overall, the Sigelei 213W TC performs well. It has no misfires or delays; aside from the price, this is a powerful mod worth a try!

How to Fight the Growing Issue of Vape Tax Spikes

With new vape tax laws looming in the future, the time has come to organize and fight back. Fortunately, the vape community is a strongly-knit bunch who have already formed political action groups and begun circulating petitions for change.

Here are a few ways that you can take part in the effort and help keep vaping alive for years to come.

Find a Local Trade Association

There are two major trade associations currently active in the vape industry: the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) and the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). You can go online to find a local chapter and join their ranks. This will give you access to the latest news on the fight against unfair vape tax laws. It will also provide you with plenty of information and resources to share with your friends so that they can also take part.

Inform Voters

While vape shops will be facing the brunt of the new tax laws head on, the reality is that you – the consumer – are the one who will pay the price at the end of the line. These new laws will limit the availability of certain products and raise prices across the board. If you have just begun your venture into vaping, you are probably just getting to know the positive effects it is bringing to your life, but you probably aren’t prepared for the severe limitations that will be placed on vaping in the near future.

You can talk to your friends and neighbors about why you vape. Share your story online and in person. You may be surprised to find that even people who don’t vape prefer having vapers around to smokers smoking tobacco around them. You are a representative of what vaping is to the community and this is your chance to stand up for something.

Invite New Vapers In

If you are already actively vaping in and around your community, chances are people have asked you questions about your device. Always be prepared to answer questions and give advice. Share your experience with people who are interested in vaping and maybe even let them see how it works.

The friendlier you are to new vapers, the more the community is able to grow. As more and more people get informed and experience what a huge difference vaping can make, they too will be motivated to protect vaping from harmful tax laws.

Contact Your Local Representatives

Make phone calls, write letters and emails and send postcards. Do whatever you have to do to reach out to your state level representatives and let them know how you feel. Again, the key to success is informing your representatives about the benefits of vaping and asking them to protect the people’s rights. Present facts, tell your story, and let them know why the new vape tax will have a negative impact on your life.

Keep in mind that many people don’t understand that there are tons of nicotine-free vape products on the market. One of the biggest reasons that the new vape laws are going into effect is because of a fear that teenagers and children will be exposed to an addictive substance. While we are against any child or person under the age of 18 using nicotine, the effects of these new regulations also make it harder for the rest of us.


While there are several trade organizations formed specifically to help local vape shop owners have a voice, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association, or CASAA, is a consumer advocacy group, which you can join. They stage rallies, send out important voter information, and help vapers network with other people in their community. Their website is full of helpful information and media that consumers can use to spread the word to their friends and neighbors in the community.



At DIRECTVAPOR, we know that in just the last few years, millions of people have been turned onto vaping. In addition, vape shops and manufacturers have become a large part of many local economies.

The proposed vape tax laws will severely limit consumer access to vape products, and would force many small vape shops out of business. The effects could be devastating for families who have spent years building their businesses in the industry.

Now is the time for you to take part in the protests by working with vape industry leaders to make sure the FDA knows that these laws are unreasonable. Get online today and find out what vape tax protest events are happening in your area.

The 5 Best VG Juices, Ranked

Vaping has finally reached the tipping point! From the earliest e-cig “vape” devices (made by the tobacco companies) to today’s high-tech APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers – or “Vape Pens”), vaping has come a long way.

What Makes E-Liquid Juice Good?

As a general rule, all e-liquids are created around a base of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a combination of the two. Let’s look at each a little closer:

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

This is a thicker heavy sweet-tasting liquid. It gives smokeless cigarettes a pleasant sweet flavor and creates a lot of vapor. It’s also very smooth in the throat. VG is completely natural and safe, derived from vegetables; most manufacturers use organic, non-GMO veggies.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

This is very thin by comparison and sweeter than VG. PG produces a great throat hit, which is why some ex-smokers favor PG based liquids. PG is also used in Asthma inhalers, so it is safe, however PG has a higher rate of sensitivity and can cause allergic reactions in some users.

Blends of VG and PG offer experienced vapers the best of both worlds, giving you the throat hit and sweetness of PG and the vapor production of vegetable glycerin juices. Different ratios produce different experiences. Experiment and find your bliss!

The Best VG Juices Ranked 1 thru 5

Basic VG juices are usually made from four substances: water, flavoring, nicotine and vegetable glycerin. They deliver a nice balanced sweetness, are easy on the throat and produce plenty of vapors. Here are five of the best manufacturers out there:

#1 Apollo E-Juices

Apollo offers four different ranges of e-juice. Their “standard range” offers a perfect mouth to lung feel for beginning vapers, and plenty of vapor for the “cloud chasers” out there! They have two vegetable glycerin ranges, Fa-Q and Lindbergh. Both are delicious and work well for sub-ohm vaporizers as well as dripping. Their juices are made with USP grade vegetable glycerin and food grade flavors.

#2 Halo E-Juices

Halo produces some of the best e-liquids available. They have 25 blends to choose from and each comes with a “freshness” best-by date, traceable numbering and childproof caps. Their high VG range is perfects for RDAs and sub-ohm tanks.

#3 NicQuid

This company offers high quality products including blends that features high-vegetable glycerin flavors that are thicker versions of their classic Bliss Dessert and Blast Fruit lines. Nicotine levels of 0, 3 and 6% are available.

#4 Black Note E-Juice

If you are an ex-smoker and looking for the flavor and comfort of tobacco or menthol blends, look no further than Black Note. Their juices are produced from naturally extracted tobacco leaves and never include any synthetic flavors, colors, dyes or additives. A bit pricey, but it’s the best pure and smooth tobacco based premium e-liquids.

#5 Mt. Baker E-Juice

One of the biggest e-liquid firms in the US, Mt Baker offers great customer service and some of the best reasonably priced juices in the business. With a variety of exciting flavors like Maui Sunrise, Mt Baker offers some great all day flavors! They also produce and sell a range of affordable gear!


If you enjoy the flavor and relaxation of a good vape session, these are five of the best manufacturers out there. While vegetable glycerin products offer beginners a smooth easy vape, these companies all offer vegetable glycerin, and high-VG blend e-juices in a variety of flavors to suit every palate. The best course of action is to give several different e-juice flavors and blends a try and finds your bliss!

How Watts & Ohms Affect Your Clouds

If you’re a newbie vaper, you’re probably just starting to get accustomed to the lingo that dominates the scene – learning the vocabulary and understanding the variables is a job unto itself. This is a great place to start, because the words “watts” and “ohms” are going to crop up over and over again as you’re selecting your gear, figuring out what works best for you, and talking to friends about vaping.

Of course, if you’re an experienced vaper you’ve probably been tossing both terms around for a while. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a few things to learn, young grasshopper. Whether you want to chase the almighty cloud, build mods that will leave your friends and coworkers with their mouths hanging open, or just school the youngsters on how exactly all this works, read on.

Here’s the science, and the practical answers to the real questions you’re asking: what wattage and ohm rating should I go for if I want bigger, thicker clouds?

How Do Ohms Effect Vaping?

An “ohm” is a measurement of electrical resistance. The shorthand is that most vapers go with between a 2.4 and a 2.8 when choosing an “ohm,” which makes those ratings the sort of standard across the board. The basic differences between ohm coils look something like this:

Lower Ohm:

  • Higher heat, which can mean more vapor and bigger clouds
  • Vapor tends to be warmer
  • Quick battery drain
  • Can damage batteries, may cause “dry” hits.

Higher Ohm:

  • Less heat, so less vapor, and smaller, thinner clouds
  • Slower battery drain
  • Conserves liquid

How Do Watts Effect Vaping?

“Watts” are a measurement of applied power. What does that mean? It means that higher wattage = more power applied to your coil, which means each time you hit the fire button, the coil makes more vapor. But life is never really that simple. If it were, we’d all just by the highest wattage gear available and vape with what would essentially be compact little muscle cars. There are more variables here – things like airflow, type of wick, and the power of your mod vs. the power requirement of the atomizer make things a bit more complicated.

In short, the secret to hitting the correct wattage is this: if you’re looking to upgrade with more power, go up to about 60 watts. You probably won’t need that full range, but it’ll give you plenty of room to experiment, tailor your kit, and personalize your vape. Your clouds will be big and dense, but go any higher and you risk your coil becoming too hot and lending a “burned” taste to your liquid. Gross.

In Closing…

The secret to finding the perfect vape is this: try lots of things. Everyone is different, and customization is what keeps all of us coming back for new, tricked out equipment and more high tech mods. Talk to your friends, learn the basics and eventually you’ll learn what you like best – at which point you should be prepared for folks to start coming to you with the very questions you were asking when you started reading!