BFDFT by Cloud Chasers Inc.

One thing I hate is having to constantly refill my tank. The BFDFT by Cloud Chasers is a big tank that can hold a lot of e-liquid. After doing some research, many owners said it could hold roughly 15 mil of juice which is exactly the scope of storage capacity I was looking for. With that in mind I decided to give it a try.

Build Quality

The BFDFT is a well made device. The first thing I noticed was how thick the glass was – at 2 mil it isn’t going to break anytime soon and speaks to a solid build philosophy. It also has a lot of versatility for modding because of how it’s made.

Aside from plenty of room for liquid it also had plenty of room for changing parts. With no posts, I found it really easy to modify it to fit my personal taste. It can hold coils as big as 4 mil and wires that are up to 3 mil thick. I’m sure more creative people can come up with a more unique set up than I use, but that’s one of the reasons I like the BFDFT – the possibilities.

Using the BFDFT

When using the BFDFT I noticed the following pros and one con:


  • It can hold a lot! I could easily pour an entire bottle of juice into it no problems.
  • It produces big clouds. If you’re into that sort of thing it can certainly accommodate.
  • It can take plenty of voltage with no trouble.


  • If I have to list a con there is a notable one. The BFDFT can leak easily if you don’t set it up just right. The leak is clearly noticeable right above the airflow and is a bit concerning. After some testing I found this was not a design flaw but user error on my part. I just had to use more cotton and it stopped.

Final Score

In summation, this tank offers unique possibilities. I like it because aside from its big storage capacity it has plenty of room to mod and try out new ideas and concepts. Also, once I used it for awhile I figured out its unique quirks. Overall it does what I wanted which is store a lot of liquid with the bonus of build flexibility. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 because it takes a while to learn it.

Sigelei Fuchai 213W TC MOD Review

One of the newer box mods on the scene is the Sigelei Fuchai 213W TC. This new box mod is much different than the Sigeleis we’ve seen in the past. This one has a new design and more power along with temperature control (but that is industry-regulated now, so all mods will have it).

Price Point

The Sigelei is actually one of the more expensive on the market. Prices range from around $90 all the way up to around $120. The price is based on Sigelei’s past performance; they do have a reputation for quality and are banking on that. I know that some markets are offering bundles, so you may get more for that higher price.


Sigelei’s box mods used to be huge and bulky, but the new 213W is just 5.5 cubic inches. It’s a rounded rectangle of a box with slightly bulging sides; fits easily in the hand.

This new mod has a light aluminum frame covered in gun metal gray zinc alloy and black carbon fiber. You can purchase it in this gray and black, or go for the gold (there’s a gold zinc alloy option). It may not be ‘gorgeous’ but it does look and feel durable.

The Sigelei may be compact, but it weighs almost 8 ounces with the batteries. This is a typical weight for this type of mod.

As for the display, you can find it and the adjustment buttons right on the front with the firing button and USB port on the end. The display screen is very bright and very clear, with white characters on a black background (making it easy to read). The display will tell you the battery charge and amperage and there’s a graphic to represent your remaining battery strength.

The Chip

The chip in the Sigelei 213W offers temperature control settings for all major wire types, along with five user-adjustable TCR and TFR values. The Sigelei 213 even implements a ‘Preheat’ option which allows you to program for different power settings at chosen increments of time. This helps remove the uncertainty factor.

Their chip also allows you to read or display the atomizer resistance and lock the resistance in order to ensure accuracy in TC mode. And let’s say you actually mess with the chip and screw up the settings; you can actually restore it to default factory settings.

Overall, the Sigelei 213W TC performs well. It has no misfires or delays; aside from the price, this is a powerful mod worth a try!