Some of The Best RDAs of 2016

For those new to vaping, an RDA is an acronym for rebuildable dripping atomizer, often called simply a dripping atomizer or dripper. Drippers apply e-liquid to a wick, through the mouthpiece.

Original RDAs had no juice well, however these days most reputable RDAs have one so that you may continue vaping without having to stop to add juice to the wick as frequently.

RDAs contain a positive post and at least one negative post. It is common to have two negative posts but three is also possible. The positive post is normally located in the middle of the RDA deck and will contain heat resistant insulation most often accompanied by two terminators.

3 Best 2016 RDAs

All good RDAs have adjustable air holes allowing for airflow to be increased/decreased by adjusting an AFC ring. Here are some of the best RDAs to come out this year to suit various different needs and desires from beginners to veteran cloud chasers and flavor savors.

1. Best for Beginners: Geekvape Tsunami

The Geekvape Tsunami is hands down one of the best RDAs to come out this year. The combination of producing excellent flavor and quality clouds at a low price point in addition to its easy build ability makes this an ideal dripper for both newbies and veterans.

2. Best Cheap Authentic: Mutation XS Mini

The Mutation XS Mini is currently the most affordable RDA on the market that still produces phenomenal flavor and substantial clouds.

The Mutation XS Mini RDA is available for a mere twenty dollars and boasts 304 grade stainless steel construction, a deep well, and heavy flavor due to the large bottom feed dual air holes. Side and bottom air holes create a vortex effect that pushes the vapor to the bottom of the coils producing rich flavors so that you can experience every face of your juice.

3. Best for Cloud Chasing: Phenotype L RDA

The Phenotype L RDA is built for the diehard cloud chaser who prefers large builds over flavor. Phenotype L is a favorite choice for many competitive vapers due to its far superior cloud production over most drippers on the market in 2016.

If you’re on the quest for powerful airflow, the Phenotype L is exactly the piece you need. This high impact RDA has four 3mm x 6mm vertical air slots to provide more than enough airflow for competition clouds. This RDA is a “by builders for builders” large ‘atty that does not suit flavor chasers.