Decoding the Common Chemicals in Vape Juice

As you sift through the hundreds of vape juices for sale, you are faced with long ingredient lists and abbreviations that may not make any sense to you. Fortunately, most e-liquids are made of the same basic components, and once you understand what they are you can read any ingredient list easily.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

This is one of those ingredients that comes with a big intimidating scientific name. However, Propylene Glycol has been widely used in a variety of medical treatments, foods and other products for decades. Repeated studies have shown that it is safe for use and for inhalation, which is why it is used in breathing treatments to carry the actual medicine being administered. It is odorless and mostly flavorless. When heated, it produces the large plumes of vapor that we know and love.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin is the plant-based alternative to propylene glycol. It is also an odorless and mostly flavorless base material that carries the flavors and nicotine in your e-juice. It is slightly sweeter and more viscous than PG, and is typically mixed with PG to create balanced e-liquids.


Each e-juice is typically made up of several different flavors blended together to give it its signature taste. These are the same flavorings that are used in many of our most popular foods, including fruit and dessert flavors. Most flavors are suspended in a tiny amount of PG before they are added to your e-liquid so even e-liquids that are “Max VG” will still have a tiny amount of PG in them.


One of the most important ingredients on the list will be nicotine. In this case, it is pure nicotine extracted from tobacco plants that is being used. This is different from actual tobacco because it is a cleaner derivative and can be vaporized without any of the other harmful side effects of smoking tobacco leaves. The amount of nicotine in your e-liquid will be left up to you to decide when you place your order.

These are the main components of any e-liquid. The biggest difference between brands will be where they source their flavors and nicotine from, because you want these ingredients to be pure and safe. You will also find that most e-liquids include a small amount of water in the mix, which is obviously safe for inhalation.

KandyPens MIVA Review

With pro-marijuana legislation gaining steam across the U.S., more people are looking for portable and discreet ways to enjoy their herbs while out and about. The KandyPens MIVA portable marijuana vaporizer is a perfect option for anyone who wants a high-quality device that won’t draw too much attention. The sleek device comes in four shiny colors, including black and white, and features a simple control panel for easy vaping.

Out of the Box

Straight out of the box, your KandyPens MIVA dry herb vaporizer is ready to use. The short, narrow mouthpiece comes pre-installed so you can literally load it up and start vaping right away. However, you’ll find the kit also includes a longer glass mouthpiece. This is an important distinction to make, because the longer glass piece changes the vapor temperature before it reaches your mouth and clears up the flavor so you are getting a really pure taste of whatever you put in your device.

Getting Familiar

Once you’re ready to use your weed vaporizer, it’s time to pack the oven. The heating chamber is made of high-quality ceramic, which also contributes to a clean vape. The oven is not very large, but this makes it easier to clean and minimizes your waste because your herb is heated evenly without leaving any leaf unturned.

The kit comes with everything you need to gently pack the chamber and to clean it when you’re done. Start out with a tiny bit of product and slowly add more until you get to a comfortable point. If you over-pack it in the beginning you will constrict the airflow and greatly reduce the efficiency of your device.

In addition, this is a temperature-controlled device. The front panel features a simple screen, + and – buttons and a single power button. While it is capable of anywhere from 300-435 degrees, a good middle point between 350-375 is a great place to start until you are comfortable with the device. The built-in 2200 mAh battery is strong enough to sustain your vaping at this level for quite a long time.

Overall, the KandyPens MIVA is a great little device for discreet marijuana vaping. The long mouthpiece definitely makes it one of the best-performing devices in this market, and the advanced features give it a competitive edge.

DaVinci IQ Review

The DaVinci IQ is here to change the way you vape. DaVinci has upset the industry twice now with their innovative designs and technology, giving you a vaporizer that looks completely different from anything else on the market. The IQ is a small, mostly flat vaporizer that is both lightweight and very comfortable to carry.

DaVinci went above and beyond to source materials for the IQ, using a Zirconia base for the mouthpieces. This allows you to vape a little hotter with less thermal transfer through the mouthpieces themselves. The result is a richer vapor with less physical heat.

The DaVinci IQ is a temperature control vaporizer that allows you to adjust between 250-430 degrees. Instead of having an OLED or LCD screen it uses 51 tiny LED lights in a bar pattern to tell you your current settings. It’s a creative use of the device’s body style and it definitely looks flashy, although some might say that it’s harder to read in bright daylight.

The IQ also comes with four presets called “Smart Paths” that were designed to let you pick up and go with minimal effort on your part. Just place your dry herb in the chamber and choose your path, and you’re off. The device works with a mobile app that you can download for free to set up your device easily.

The design of the DaVinci IQ is impressive for a number of other reasons as well. All the ventilation and the vapor paths are designed to draw air through the device in a pattern that helps it heat up smoothly and carry the most flavor possible. The simplicity of the LED lights and the basic functions ensure that your batteries have a long life. You can choose between a regular mouthpiece or an extended piece which offers a bit cooler vapor.

Overall, the DaVinci IQ provides a steady, thorough way to vape your material, and uses some of the most advanced technology to hit the vaping scene recently. It adds functionality that was previously reserved for more mainstream e-liquid vaping, and brings it to life with a perfect dry herb design.

How Watts & Ohms Affect Your Clouds

If you’re a newbie vaper, you’re probably just starting to get accustomed to the lingo that dominates the scene – learning the vocabulary and understanding the variables is a job unto itself. This is a great place to start, because the words “watts” and “ohms” are going to crop up over and over again as you’re selecting your gear, figuring out what works best for you, and talking to friends about vaping.

Of course, if you’re an experienced vaper you’ve probably been tossing both terms around for a while. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a few things to learn, young grasshopper. Whether you want to chase the almighty cloud, build mods that will leave your friends and coworkers with their mouths hanging open, or just school the youngsters on how exactly all this works, read on.

Here’s the science, and the practical answers to the real questions you’re asking: what wattage and ohm rating should I go for if I want bigger, thicker clouds?

How Do Ohms Effect Vaping?

An “ohm” is a measurement of electrical resistance. The shorthand is that most vapers go with between a 2.4 and a 2.8 when choosing an “ohm,” which makes those ratings the sort of standard across the board. The basic differences between ohm coils look something like this:

Lower Ohm:

  • Higher heat, which can mean more vapor and bigger clouds
  • Vapor tends to be warmer
  • Quick battery drain
  • Can damage batteries, may cause “dry” hits.

Higher Ohm:

  • Less heat, so less vapor, and smaller, thinner clouds
  • Slower battery drain
  • Conserves liquid

How Do Watts Effect Vaping?

“Watts” are a measurement of applied power. What does that mean? It means that higher wattage = more power applied to your coil, which means each time you hit the fire button, the coil makes more vapor. But life is never really that simple. If it were, we’d all just by the highest wattage gear available and vape with what would essentially be compact little muscle cars. There are more variables here – things like airflow, type of wick, and the power of your mod vs. the power requirement of the atomizer make things a bit more complicated.

In short, the secret to hitting the correct wattage is this: if you’re looking to upgrade with more power, go up to about 60 watts. You probably won’t need that full range, but it’ll give you plenty of room to experiment, tailor your kit, and personalize your vape. Your clouds will be big and dense, but go any higher and you risk your coil becoming too hot and lending a “burned” taste to your liquid. Gross.

In Closing…

The secret to finding the perfect vape is this: try lots of things. Everyone is different, and customization is what keeps all of us coming back for new, tricked out equipment and more high tech mods. Talk to your friends, learn the basics and eventually you’ll learn what you like best – at which point you should be prepared for folks to start coming to you with the very questions you were asking when you started reading!