DaVinci IQ Review

The DaVinci IQ is here to change the way you vape. DaVinci has upset the industry twice now with their innovative designs and technology, giving you a vaporizer that looks completely different from anything else on the market. The IQ is a small, mostly flat vaporizer that is both lightweight and very comfortable to carry.

DaVinci went above and beyond to source materials for the IQ, using a Zirconia base for the mouthpieces. This allows you to vape a little hotter with less thermal transfer through the mouthpieces themselves. The result is a richer vapor with less physical heat.

The DaVinci IQ is a temperature control vaporizer that allows you to adjust between 250-430 degrees. Instead of having an OLED or LCD screen it uses 51 tiny LED lights in a bar pattern to tell you your current settings. It’s a creative use of the device’s body style and it definitely looks flashy, although some might say that it’s harder to read in bright daylight.

The IQ also comes with four presets called “Smart Paths” that were designed to let you pick up and go with minimal effort on your part. Just place your dry herb in the chamber and choose your path, and you’re off. The device works with a mobile app that you can download for free to set up your device easily.

The design of the DaVinci IQ is impressive for a number of other reasons as well. All the ventilation and the vapor paths are designed to draw air through the device in a pattern that helps it heat up smoothly and carry the most flavor possible. The simplicity of the LED lights and the basic functions ensure that your batteries have a long life. You can choose between a regular mouthpiece or an extended piece which offers a bit cooler vapor.

Overall, the DaVinci IQ provides a steady, thorough way to vape your material, and uses some of the most advanced technology to hit the vaping scene recently. It adds functionality that was previously reserved for more mainstream e-liquid vaping, and brings it to life with a perfect dry herb design.