How to Fight the Growing Issue of Vape Tax Spikes

With new vape tax laws looming in the future, the time has come to organize and fight back. Fortunately, the vape community is a strongly-knit bunch who have already formed political action groups and begun circulating petitions for change.

Here are a few ways that you can take part in the effort and help keep vaping alive for years to come.

Find a Local Trade Association

There are two major trade associations currently active in the vape industry: the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) and the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). You can go online to find a local chapter and join their ranks. This will give you access to the latest news on the fight against unfair vape tax laws. It will also provide you with plenty of information and resources to share with your friends so that they can also take part.

Inform Voters

While vape shops will be facing the brunt of the new tax laws head on, the reality is that you – the consumer – are the one who will pay the price at the end of the line. These new laws will limit the availability of certain products and raise prices across the board. If you have just begun your venture into vaping, you are probably just getting to know the positive effects it is bringing to your life, but you probably aren’t prepared for the severe limitations that will be placed on vaping in the near future.

You can talk to your friends and neighbors about why you vape. Share your story online and in person. You may be surprised to find that even people who don’t vape prefer having vapers around to smokers smoking tobacco around them. You are a representative of what vaping is to the community and this is your chance to stand up for something.

Invite New Vapers In

If you are already actively vaping in and around your community, chances are people have asked you questions about your device. Always be prepared to answer questions and give advice. Share your experience with people who are interested in vaping and maybe even let them see how it works.

The friendlier you are to new vapers, the more the community is able to grow. As more and more people get informed and experience what a huge difference vaping can make, they too will be motivated to protect vaping from harmful tax laws.

Contact Your Local Representatives

Make phone calls, write letters and emails and send postcards. Do whatever you have to do to reach out to your state level representatives and let them know how you feel. Again, the key to success is informing your representatives about the benefits of vaping and asking them to protect the people’s rights. Present facts, tell your story, and let them know why the new vape tax will have a negative impact on your life.

Keep in mind that many people don’t understand that there are tons of nicotine-free vape products on the market. One of the biggest reasons that the new vape laws are going into effect is because of a fear that teenagers and children will be exposed to an addictive substance. While we are against any child or person under the age of 18 using nicotine, the effects of these new regulations also make it harder for the rest of us.


While there are several trade organizations formed specifically to help local vape shop owners have a voice, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association, or CASAA, is a consumer advocacy group, which you can join. They stage rallies, send out important voter information, and help vapers network with other people in their community. Their website is full of helpful information and media that consumers can use to spread the word to their friends and neighbors in the community.



At DIRECTVAPOR, we know that in just the last few years, millions of people have been turned onto vaping. In addition, vape shops and manufacturers have become a large part of many local economies.

The proposed vape tax laws will severely limit consumer access to vape products, and would force many small vape shops out of business. The effects could be devastating for families who have spent years building their businesses in the industry.

Now is the time for you to take part in the protests by working with vape industry leaders to make sure the FDA knows that these laws are unreasonable. Get online today and find out what vape tax protest events are happening in your area.