KandyPens MIVA Review

With pro-marijuana legislation gaining steam across the U.S., more people are looking for portable and discreet ways to enjoy their herbs while out and about. The KandyPens MIVA portable marijuana vaporizer is a perfect option for anyone who wants a high-quality device that won’t draw too much attention. The sleek device comes in four shiny colors, including black and white, and features a simple control panel for easy vaping.

Out of the Box

Straight out of the box, your KandyPens MIVA dry herb vaporizer is ready to use. The short, narrow mouthpiece comes pre-installed so you can literally load it up and start vaping right away. However, you’ll find the kit also includes a longer glass mouthpiece. This is an important distinction to make, because the longer glass piece changes the vapor temperature before it reaches your mouth and clears up the flavor so you are getting a really pure taste of whatever you put in your device.

Getting Familiar

Once you’re ready to use your weed vaporizer, it’s time to pack the oven. The heating chamber is made of high-quality ceramic, which also contributes to a clean vape. The oven is not very large, but this makes it easier to clean and minimizes your waste because your herb is heated evenly without leaving any leaf unturned.

The kit comes with everything you need to gently pack the chamber and to clean it when you’re done. Start out with a tiny bit of product and slowly add more until you get to a comfortable point. If you over-pack it in the beginning you will constrict the airflow and greatly reduce the efficiency of your device.

In addition, this is a temperature-controlled device. The front panel features a simple screen, + and – buttons and a single power button. While it is capable of anywhere from 300-435 degrees, a good middle point between 350-375 is a great place to start until you are comfortable with the device. The built-in 2200 mAh battery is strong enough to sustain your vaping at this level for quite a long time.

Overall, the KandyPens MIVA is a great little device for discreet marijuana vaping. The long mouthpiece definitely makes it one of the best-performing devices in this market, and the advanced features give it a competitive edge.