Some of The Best RDAs of 2016

For those new to vaping, an RDA is an acronym for rebuildable dripping atomizer, often called simply a dripping atomizer or dripper. Drippers apply e-liquid to a wick, through the mouthpiece.

Original RDAs had no juice well, however these days most reputable RDAs have one so that you may continue vaping without having to stop to add juice to the wick as frequently.

RDAs contain a positive post and at least one negative post. It is common to have two negative posts but three is also possible. The positive post is normally located in the middle of the RDA deck and will contain heat resistant insulation most often accompanied by two terminators.

3 Best 2016 RDAs

All good RDAs have adjustable air holes allowing for airflow to be increased/decreased by adjusting an AFC ring. Here are some of the best RDAs to come out this year to suit various different needs and desires from beginners to veteran cloud chasers and flavor savors.

1. Best for Beginners: Geekvape Tsunami

The Geekvape Tsunami is hands down one of the best RDAs to come out this year. The combination of producing excellent flavor and quality clouds at a low price point in addition to its easy build ability makes this an ideal dripper for both newbies and veterans.

2. Best Cheap Authentic: Mutation XS Mini

The Mutation XS Mini is currently the most affordable RDA on the market that still produces phenomenal flavor and substantial clouds.

The Mutation XS Mini RDA is available for a mere twenty dollars and boasts 304 grade stainless steel construction, a deep well, and heavy flavor due to the large bottom feed dual air holes. Side and bottom air holes create a vortex effect that pushes the vapor to the bottom of the coils producing rich flavors so that you can experience every face of your juice.

3. Best for Cloud Chasing: Phenotype L RDA

The Phenotype L RDA is built for the diehard cloud chaser who prefers large builds over flavor. Phenotype L is a favorite choice for many competitive vapers due to its far superior cloud production over most drippers on the market in 2016.

If you’re on the quest for powerful airflow, the Phenotype L is exactly the piece you need. This high impact RDA has four 3mm x 6mm vertical air slots to provide more than enough airflow for competition clouds. This RDA is a “by builders for builders” large ‘atty that does not suit flavor chasers.

Chemicals to Avoid in E-Liquids

E-cigarettes and the liquids used in them are extremely popular. While most e-liquid manufacturers provide a list of their products’ ingredients to the FDA, many others do not.

This means that some e-liquids can still contain harmful chemicals that can eventually damage your lungs. A few of the most common chemicals are well known and widely used in the food industry. Others are used in a variety of industrial products.


Nicotine is a well known ingredient in cigarettes. E-cigs were actually developed to help people stop smoking and reduce their dependence on nicotine gradually.

Most e-liquids are custom-made, this means the nicotine is added when the liquid is being mixed. While commercially manufactured e-liquids have specific amounts of nicotine, custom-made e-liquids can contain unusually high levels of nicotine that may be dangerous. It’s best to be careful and purchase your vape juice from a trusted U.S.-based company, rather than from overseas.


Many of the chemicals found in e-liquids are included to enhance or improve the flavor. Two of the most common chemical flavorings used are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

Both have a flavor similar to that of butter and can be found in many foods, including caramel and popcorn flavorings. They also react in much the same way once inside the lungs. They can damage and, with excessive use, destroy the tiny airways inside the lungs. Prolonged use of these kinds of chemicals can lead to what is known as “popcorn lung”.

One thing to remember when looking at ingredients, is that just because the FDA says something is safe to consume as a food, it doesn’t mean it is safe to be inhaled into the lungs.

Miscellaneous Chemicals

Studies have proven that e-liquids contain a variety of chemicals. Many are harmless, but a few have the potential to be dangerous if ingested in large amounts. A few of the most common chemicals found in e-liquids include the following:

  • Benzene – Often found in gasoline and pesticides, it is considered to be a carcinogen, no matter what route. It may cause damage to the red blood cells and has been proven to cause reproductive side effects in women.
  • Diethylene Glycol – Commonly found in anti-freeze, it is known to cause intense eye irritation and may be the cause of fetal abnormalities in pregnant women.
  • Isoprene – Isoprene is a primary component in rubber and products made from rubber materials. Studies have shown that it is possibly carcinogenic, depending on the level of exposure.
  • Phenol – Also referred to as carbolic acid, phenol as used as a disinfectant and antiseptic cleanser. It can cause irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes and lining of the throat.
  • Proponal – An alcohol isomer that is used as an industrial solvent.

Before you purchase an e-liquid, request a copy of the ingredients contained its formula. Identifying potentially harmful chemicals is important if you want to reduce your risk of exposure and protect your health.

Kangertech Nebox Review

With a lightweight, all-inclusive, and totally innovative design, the Kangertech Nebox is a shiny new toy with plenty to write home about. Trying to find out whether Kanger’s newest offering is the right option for your first foray into temperature-controlled vaping? Read on!

Vaping generally requires two basic components – a mod and a tank. Kanger Nebox is a combo all-in-one approach, where the atomizer, tank, battery, and coil heads are all contained in a single device. The result? A comfortable, sleek design with an interior that hides some serious tech and capacity, for the ultimate in convenience.


Kangertech is a popular brand – the most popular brand in China, as a matter of fact – and as vaping brands go, it’s a well-respected option. The brand’s reputation is built on customization and control, two factors that most vapers list as high priorities. And with the capacity to contain liquid internally, we anticipate seeing lots of positive response on this model.


With a solid aluminum body, the Kangertech Nebox is lightweight and strong. The finish is sleek and tough built, and an external charging port on the side of the aluminum body is easy to access. The packaging is a sturdy cardboard box inside a thick plastic sleeve, and the Nebox is packed tightly into a well-fitting foam insert. Slide open the tray and you’ll find the following:

  • 1 NeBox, with Ni200 0.15 sub-ohm coil, pre-installed, and 10ml capacity tank.
  • 1.5 sub-ohm coil
  • 1 RBA coil
  • 1 RBA mini plus base (RBA coil pre-fitted)
  • 1 package Japanese organic cotton
  • 1 KangerTech authenticity code and user guide
  • 1 Caution card
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • Toolkit

The LED screen is well-laid out and clear, although not as big as screens on some newer models. Accessing the atomizer or battery is easy, just flip it upside down. In all, the packaging and external look are as good as any we’ve seen.

If you’re into solid design and want to get away from some of the clumsiness of past models, this is a step in the right direction – particularly considering the ingenuity of the built-in tank.

The NeBox at 0.5 ohms

With 75% VG ejuice, the Kangertech Nebox produces some pretty great results. At up to about 25W we got nothing, but at 30W the flavor becomes more apparent and vapor clouds are nice and cool. An increase in wattage brings bigger clouds and a gently warming vape, which tops out at about 45W. We really liked the vape at about 45W, comparable to the old Kanger coils.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Buy! Surf for a competitive price, and then pull the trigger. This is a solid sub-ohm vaping option with temp control and variable wattage, and it comes with pre-built coils. What are you waiting for?

The 5 Best VG Juices, Ranked

Vaping has finally reached the tipping point! From the earliest e-cig “vape” devices (made by the tobacco companies) to today’s high-tech APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers – or “Vape Pens”), vaping has come a long way.

What Makes E-Liquid Juice Good?

As a general rule, all e-liquids are created around a base of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a combination of the two. Let’s look at each a little closer:

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

This is a thicker heavy sweet-tasting liquid. It gives smokeless cigarettes a pleasant sweet flavor and creates a lot of vapor. It’s also very smooth in the throat. VG is completely natural and safe, derived from vegetables; most manufacturers use organic, non-GMO veggies.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

This is very thin by comparison and sweeter than VG. PG produces a great throat hit, which is why some ex-smokers favor PG based liquids. PG is also used in Asthma inhalers, so it is safe, however PG has a higher rate of sensitivity and can cause allergic reactions in some users.

Blends of VG and PG offer experienced vapers the best of both worlds, giving you the throat hit and sweetness of PG and the vapor production of vegetable glycerin juices. Different ratios produce different experiences. Experiment and find your bliss!

The Best VG Juices Ranked 1 thru 5

Basic VG juices are usually made from four substances: water, flavoring, nicotine and vegetable glycerin. They deliver a nice balanced sweetness, are easy on the throat and produce plenty of vapors. Here are five of the best manufacturers out there:

#1 Apollo E-Juices

Apollo offers four different ranges of e-juice. Their “standard range” offers a perfect mouth to lung feel for beginning vapers, and plenty of vapor for the “cloud chasers” out there! They have two vegetable glycerin ranges, Fa-Q and Lindbergh. Both are delicious and work well for sub-ohm vaporizers as well as dripping. Their juices are made with USP grade vegetable glycerin and food grade flavors.

#2 Halo E-Juices

Halo produces some of the best e-liquids available. They have 25 blends to choose from and each comes with a “freshness” best-by date, traceable numbering and childproof caps. Their high VG range is perfects for RDAs and sub-ohm tanks.

#3 NicQuid

This company offers high quality products including blends that features high-vegetable glycerin flavors that are thicker versions of their classic Bliss Dessert and Blast Fruit lines. Nicotine levels of 0, 3 and 6% are available.

#4 Black Note E-Juice

If you are an ex-smoker and looking for the flavor and comfort of tobacco or menthol blends, look no further than Black Note. Their juices are produced from naturally extracted tobacco leaves and never include any synthetic flavors, colors, dyes or additives. A bit pricey, but it’s the best pure and smooth tobacco based premium e-liquids.

#5 Mt. Baker E-Juice

One of the biggest e-liquid firms in the US, Mt Baker offers great customer service and some of the best reasonably priced juices in the business. With a variety of exciting flavors like Maui Sunrise, Mt Baker offers some great all day flavors! They also produce and sell a range of affordable gear!


If you enjoy the flavor and relaxation of a good vape session, these are five of the best manufacturers out there. While vegetable glycerin products offer beginners a smooth easy vape, these companies all offer vegetable glycerin, and high-VG blend e-juices in a variety of flavors to suit every palate. The best course of action is to give several different e-juice flavors and blends a try and finds your bliss!

How Watts & Ohms Affect Your Clouds

If you’re a newbie vaper, you’re probably just starting to get accustomed to the lingo that dominates the scene – learning the vocabulary and understanding the variables is a job unto itself. This is a great place to start, because the words “watts” and “ohms” are going to crop up over and over again as you’re selecting your gear, figuring out what works best for you, and talking to friends about vaping.

Of course, if you’re an experienced vaper you’ve probably been tossing both terms around for a while. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a few things to learn, young grasshopper. Whether you want to chase the almighty cloud, build mods that will leave your friends and coworkers with their mouths hanging open, or just school the youngsters on how exactly all this works, read on.

Here’s the science, and the practical answers to the real questions you’re asking: what wattage and ohm rating should I go for if I want bigger, thicker clouds?

How Do Ohms Effect Vaping?

An “ohm” is a measurement of electrical resistance. The shorthand is that most vapers go with between a 2.4 and a 2.8 when choosing an “ohm,” which makes those ratings the sort of standard across the board. The basic differences between ohm coils look something like this:

Lower Ohm:

  • Higher heat, which can mean more vapor and bigger clouds
  • Vapor tends to be warmer
  • Quick battery drain
  • Can damage batteries, may cause “dry” hits.

Higher Ohm:

  • Less heat, so less vapor, and smaller, thinner clouds
  • Slower battery drain
  • Conserves liquid

How Do Watts Effect Vaping?

“Watts” are a measurement of applied power. What does that mean? It means that higher wattage = more power applied to your coil, which means each time you hit the fire button, the coil makes more vapor. But life is never really that simple. If it were, we’d all just by the highest wattage gear available and vape with what would essentially be compact little muscle cars. There are more variables here – things like airflow, type of wick, and the power of your mod vs. the power requirement of the atomizer make things a bit more complicated.

In short, the secret to hitting the correct wattage is this: if you’re looking to upgrade with more power, go up to about 60 watts. You probably won’t need that full range, but it’ll give you plenty of room to experiment, tailor your kit, and personalize your vape. Your clouds will be big and dense, but go any higher and you risk your coil becoming too hot and lending a “burned” taste to your liquid. Gross.

In Closing…

The secret to finding the perfect vape is this: try lots of things. Everyone is different, and customization is what keeps all of us coming back for new, tricked out equipment and more high tech mods. Talk to your friends, learn the basics and eventually you’ll learn what you like best – at which point you should be prepared for folks to start coming to you with the very questions you were asking when you started reading!