Smok X Cube II Review

The Smok X Cube II is the awesome updated version of the widely popular X Cube vaporizer. The smooth sided case and simple layout make it a natural choice for those who want a vape that just works every single time. With this piece, you can enjoy an impressive 160W of power built upon one of the most advanced chipsets around.

First Look

When you first pick up the Smok X Cube II you’ll instantly notice how well the curved corners fit into your hand. Instead of having a small firing button, the X Cube II uses a full sized firing bar so your hands can rest naturally on the front of the case. The sides of the device are completely blank other than the logo printed near the top. Smok decided to place both the screen and the adjustment buttons on the top of the device instead. It’s an unusual layout, but it definitely makes sense if you want to read your device as you’re vaping without turning it around sideways.


This vaporizer definitely lives up to the hype when it says 160W. You can get a pretty hot vape out of it, but you also have tons of range. This is definitely not a beginner’s device, so you should make sure you are comfortable with sub-ohm vaping before you bring it home. The menus and options can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing at first. However, once you get it situated to your preferences you will find that this is one of the most comfortable and dependable devices around. Being able to choose between soft, medium and hard modes can definitely change the feel of the vape, and the Bluetooth capability is just an added bonus that makes it even more convenient to work with.

As with everything that Smok introduces, the X Cube II is another outstanding product that meets and exceeds expectations. For the advanced vaper it is the perfect way to expand your arsenal and experiment with a whole new style of vaping. It offers versatility in ways that other brands have never even imagined.