VaporFi Vex 150 TC Review

The VaporFi Vex is getting rave reviews as a simple and dependable temperature control box mod with interchangeable batteries. The 150W upper limit provides plenty of range for most vapers, allowing you to really expand your sub ohm capabilities along the way. Not only does the device perform well on its own, it comes with VaporFi’s long history of extremely good customer service and satisfaction guarantee.


The Vex 150 is notably weightier than other VaporFi devices, but the addition of dual batteries comes with extended life and less down time. The simple face and outer shell keeps things cool. VaporFi exceeded expectations with their ultra large screen and real time clock. The magnetized battery door features small etchings to prevent reverse polarity of your batteries, and other built in safety features keep your device safe while charging and in use. The oversized buttons match the large screen and stand out for their sharp edges. The box itself is notable for its 22mm width, and 82 mm height. At one point, even the largest tanks were only 22mm wide, but today you can find some oversized tanks that will seem a little bulky on this body.


One thing that comes standard with all VaporFi devices is their ability to serve vapers of all kinds. Now, 150W is a lot to handle for a new vaper, but for those who have previously used temperature control mods and are looking for something just a little more advanced, this is a great option. VaporFi took cues from many other manufacturers and realized that they needed to create a device that was easy to navigate and use. The Vex line is exactly that. The large screen makes it simple to move between TC presets and the device itself is compatible with a wide range of atomizers, living up to expectations.

Whether you have ever used a VaporFi product before or not, the Vex 150 is a great place to give them a chance. It brings together everything they have learned over the years, and takes it up a notch with more power than ever before. The simplicity of the design is actually one of its greatest assets, making it appealing to young and old vapers alike.